What are the importamt inventions?
-They are  the computer, phone, cars.
Who invented the telephone?
-Graham Bell invented the telephone.
Who is Marie Curie?
- He is the discovery of radium.
What do you know about tales legends?
-They are very funny.
What are the famous folk tales in your country?
-They are Keloğlan
What are the famous folk tale characteres?
-Keloğlan, pinocchio, puss in boot the famous folk tale characters.
Are you interested in history?
-No, I not interested in history
Do you like reading books about history?
-No, I hate  reading books about history.
Do you like reading books about history?
-Malazgrit war, word1,2 are the important invent in history.
82.A= 1. phone 2.ligh bub 3.telegraph machine 4.mocroscope 5.bicly 6.plane
82.B= Some inventions of Edison are the light bub, the phonograph, the camera to take motion pictures, the cement mixer and the automatic telegraph.
83.C=2.He went to school for 4 months. 3.He sold newspapers and candies on trains. 4. He built his laboratory in Menlo Park in New Jersey.5.The light bub is the most important invention of him.6.No, he didn't.7.He had 1,093 inventions.8. He died in 1931.
1=1447 the printing press
2=1643 the barometer
3=1803 the steamboat
4=1835 the telegraph machine
5=1876 the telephone
96.B=His stories are funny and they give lessons to people
1.He was born in Hortu village near Sivrihisar, Eskişehir.
2.No, he isn't
3.His tomb is in Akşehir.
4.He died in 1284
1. Bayındır Han generous, brave, leader
2.Dirse Han respectful, brave
3.Dirse Han's wife helpful, hardworking
4.Boğaç Han strong, brave
102.B=The three famous pyramids are at Giza, near Cairo.
2. They were the kings of ancient Egypt.
3. Keops is the largest and the oldest pyramid.
4. There are more than 80 pyramids in Edypt.
5. There are 2.300.000 blocks of limestone in Keops.
6. Becouse they wanted to steal the jewels in the pyramids.

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